Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ridiculousness of Being S.....(ilenced)

Sssshhhhh! I will be using the S-Word a lot, please do not report me to the White House snitch line okay? Thanks!

I just hope Nancy and Steny don't read this and start calling me disloyal and un-American, they might even hold hearings and a show trial like they are threatening members of the Bush administration with if this whole socialized healthcare thing blows up in their faces, which seems more and more likely. Once upon a time they hunted the commies and now they hunt those who love the Constitution and call them "un-American".

Terrorists? Nah David Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn are simply college professors, the media would never say a bad word about them. No it those hooligans holding signs and speaking out against Dear Leader who they will label with words like "terrorist".

What do you mean you have a video from 2007 that shows Obama saying he supported a single-payer system? That is pure 100% disinformation, your not allowed to see those tapes, they were ordered destroyed when the official history books were rewritten last week. Yes, the words of the President before he was President is now disinformation. Amazing.

These people can deny it all they want. They are socialists. National Socialists!

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