Sunday, August 9, 2009

Criminal Government

Imagine a government that controls the medical system but decides that some of its citizens who are suppose to be treated equally under law deserve healthcare more than others. Imagine that you get sick and find out you have cancer but the authorities refuse to cover an expensive new treatment, offering instead to pay for the medicine to kill you.

This happens in Europe and North America all the time. Now Obama wants to make it national policy in the United States.

Imagine a government that encourages its citizens to report on those who do not agree with those in power. Imagine a government that believes it should know the physical address and names of every IP on the internet, no more anonymous comments online. Your government wants to know if you are thinking incorrect thoughts.

Imagine a government that says showing a video of a statement by the leader is "disinformation" because its outrageous. Imagine a government that launches smear campaigns against citizens who dare to criticize or even question them. Imagine a government that expects never to be held to account, never to be held to its own stated standards or even questioned.

It is very hard to think this could happen in America.

Imagine a world in which an extremist group can beat a man for his opinion and then be praised as "brothers and sisters" and told to "keep it up" by the person in charge of Health & Human Services. You and I can see where such a policy would head, apparently those in the government do not care.

Imagine a country where legislators hold "Town Hall" meetings not to hear the views of citizens but to tell them whats going to happen. Dissent is considered disruption. A thoughtcrime you could say. No, this could never happen people will say.

But these things have already happened.

I believe this government is criminal. Their encouragement of violence against those who protest against them will only get violence returned. This is what they want in order to justify shutting down the freedom to organize and protest and the freedom of speech in the US.

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