Friday, May 14, 2010

Would you support...

Here are some ideas off the top of my head for new amendments to the Constitution. Now they will not pass with the socialist enemies of America in charge but they might be worth thinking about.

1. Rewrites the amendment 22 to put down term limits for members of the House and Senate, limiting them to 4 House terms and 2 Senate terms.

2. Rewrites amendment 16 to outlaw progressive taxation on incomes and to force a single flat rate on all ratepayers.

3. Rewrites amendment 26 to indicate that for all legal purposes the age of adulthood begins at 18, except with due process of law in declaring one an adult earlier or later due to commission of a crime or through incompetency.

4. Would ban the federal government from spending money for, or giving funds to, non-government agencies, organizations or persons. This would have the effect of putting all welfare programs and wealth transfer programs such as medicare and social security on the state level. It would bar all forms of government subsidies and corporate welfare.

5. Bans Fractional Reserve Banking.