Friday, August 14, 2009

Pure Evil

When a man claims the right to dispose of another mans life (thanks Ayn Rand). That is pure evil.

I would have to agree with this.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tell me when its over

Cities burn to the ground, fighting has erupted from coast to coast. The police and the military are split. A battle between those desiring liberty and those desiring chains tears the nation asunder.

Which side are you on?

Running gun battles on ruined streets sided by burned out buildings and broken storefronts long out of business wreak havoc on those cowering in their bleak apartments. Roving gangs beat and rob and kill and rape those it finds wandering the streets no matter the time of day. Government agents are not delivering aid or security they are hunting down those with the wrong views.

The real fighting happens outside of the major cities, the real tragedy happens in the suburbs when the inner-city masses flee the trouble and cause more where they head to. Out in the country groups of citizens band together to defend their lands, their food stocks their families from those they will call "zombies", "ravagers" and "enemies".

When America finally starts to rebuild will they look for a system of government that has power over the people or one that is based on liberty and justice? Or will America never recover as a single entity from such a tragedy?

Scenarios and thoughts on this happy Tuesday morning.

Ridiculousness of Being S.....(ilenced)

Sssshhhhh! I will be using the S-Word a lot, please do not report me to the White House snitch line okay? Thanks!

I just hope Nancy and Steny don't read this and start calling me disloyal and un-American, they might even hold hearings and a show trial like they are threatening members of the Bush administration with if this whole socialized healthcare thing blows up in their faces, which seems more and more likely. Once upon a time they hunted the commies and now they hunt those who love the Constitution and call them "un-American".

Terrorists? Nah David Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn are simply college professors, the media would never say a bad word about them. No it those hooligans holding signs and speaking out against Dear Leader who they will label with words like "terrorist".

What do you mean you have a video from 2007 that shows Obama saying he supported a single-payer system? That is pure 100% disinformation, your not allowed to see those tapes, they were ordered destroyed when the official history books were rewritten last week. Yes, the words of the President before he was President is now disinformation. Amazing.

These people can deny it all they want. They are socialists. National Socialists!

Monday, August 10, 2009

"Questioning our Patriotism" - Return of HUAC?

For the last 8 years George Bush was called every hateful name that could be dreamed up from chimperor to Bush-Hitler. The left held huge rallies, they got loud, they broke windows, they shut down debates and they always scolded those who questioned their patriotism in kissing up to the worst kinds of terrorist and dictator scum.

In St. Louis a conservative handing out small flags was beaten to the ground and kicked in the head by 4 paid union thugs. He was hospitalized while HHS Sec Sebellius thanked the SEIU for their good work in a teleconference and said "keep it up". Meanwhile the left blamed the dissidents for the violence that the left was doing, the SEIU claimed to be a 'victim'.

During the last 8 years we were told that dissent is patriotic, indeed the very highest level of patriotism. Today we are tolds that dissent is un-American.

The left howled and raged when terrorists were spied on. Today the ACLU sees nothing at all the matter with a White House asking people to turn in their neighbor for his thoughtcrime of opposing government-run healthcare. Where does this hypocrisy stop?

Why does a government declare its own people to be their enemies? Why does a White House claim a video of a Barack Obama speech is now "disinformation"? I suppose they have airbrushed that speech out of the official history books.

Just look at the real history of the world and ask yourself, what happens to a country when its government declares its people to be the enemy?

I guess Nancy "Nazi" Pelosi and Harry Reid will soon be holding hearings on these "un-american activities". They probably have the stationary already printed up: The House Unamerican Activities Committees.

After everything we have seen the government do in the past 6 months, why would you doubt it?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Criminal Government

Imagine a government that controls the medical system but decides that some of its citizens who are suppose to be treated equally under law deserve healthcare more than others. Imagine that you get sick and find out you have cancer but the authorities refuse to cover an expensive new treatment, offering instead to pay for the medicine to kill you.

This happens in Europe and North America all the time. Now Obama wants to make it national policy in the United States.

Imagine a government that encourages its citizens to report on those who do not agree with those in power. Imagine a government that believes it should know the physical address and names of every IP on the internet, no more anonymous comments online. Your government wants to know if you are thinking incorrect thoughts.

Imagine a government that says showing a video of a statement by the leader is "disinformation" because its outrageous. Imagine a government that launches smear campaigns against citizens who dare to criticize or even question them. Imagine a government that expects never to be held to account, never to be held to its own stated standards or even questioned.

It is very hard to think this could happen in America.

Imagine a world in which an extremist group can beat a man for his opinion and then be praised as "brothers and sisters" and told to "keep it up" by the person in charge of Health & Human Services. You and I can see where such a policy would head, apparently those in the government do not care.

Imagine a country where legislators hold "Town Hall" meetings not to hear the views of citizens but to tell them whats going to happen. Dissent is considered disruption. A thoughtcrime you could say. No, this could never happen people will say.

But these things have already happened.

I believe this government is criminal. Their encouragement of violence against those who protest against them will only get violence returned. This is what they want in order to justify shutting down the freedom to organize and protest and the freedom of speech in the US.