Monday, August 10, 2009

"Questioning our Patriotism" - Return of HUAC?

For the last 8 years George Bush was called every hateful name that could be dreamed up from chimperor to Bush-Hitler. The left held huge rallies, they got loud, they broke windows, they shut down debates and they always scolded those who questioned their patriotism in kissing up to the worst kinds of terrorist and dictator scum.

In St. Louis a conservative handing out small flags was beaten to the ground and kicked in the head by 4 paid union thugs. He was hospitalized while HHS Sec Sebellius thanked the SEIU for their good work in a teleconference and said "keep it up". Meanwhile the left blamed the dissidents for the violence that the left was doing, the SEIU claimed to be a 'victim'.

During the last 8 years we were told that dissent is patriotic, indeed the very highest level of patriotism. Today we are tolds that dissent is un-American.

The left howled and raged when terrorists were spied on. Today the ACLU sees nothing at all the matter with a White House asking people to turn in their neighbor for his thoughtcrime of opposing government-run healthcare. Where does this hypocrisy stop?

Why does a government declare its own people to be their enemies? Why does a White House claim a video of a Barack Obama speech is now "disinformation"? I suppose they have airbrushed that speech out of the official history books.

Just look at the real history of the world and ask yourself, what happens to a country when its government declares its people to be the enemy?

I guess Nancy "Nazi" Pelosi and Harry Reid will soon be holding hearings on these "un-american activities". They probably have the stationary already printed up: The House Unamerican Activities Committees.

After everything we have seen the government do in the past 6 months, why would you doubt it?

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