Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tell me when its over

Cities burn to the ground, fighting has erupted from coast to coast. The police and the military are split. A battle between those desiring liberty and those desiring chains tears the nation asunder.

Which side are you on?

Running gun battles on ruined streets sided by burned out buildings and broken storefronts long out of business wreak havoc on those cowering in their bleak apartments. Roving gangs beat and rob and kill and rape those it finds wandering the streets no matter the time of day. Government agents are not delivering aid or security they are hunting down those with the wrong views.

The real fighting happens outside of the major cities, the real tragedy happens in the suburbs when the inner-city masses flee the trouble and cause more where they head to. Out in the country groups of citizens band together to defend their lands, their food stocks their families from those they will call "zombies", "ravagers" and "enemies".

When America finally starts to rebuild will they look for a system of government that has power over the people or one that is based on liberty and justice? Or will America never recover as a single entity from such a tragedy?

Scenarios and thoughts on this happy Tuesday morning.


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