Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Who owns you?

Brothers and sisters, lend me your ears!

Who owns you? Who owns what you produce? Who owns your income? Who owns your very life?

Does the government own you? Does the government get to make your choices for you, are you too unenlightened to make your own? When you recieve a pay check at the end of the week or the end of a job, does the money belong to you? Do you make the choice to eat a healthy diet or not? Do you make the choice of whether to smoke or go jogging?

Or should the government do it for you?

Can the government spend your money better than you can? Can the government live your life better than you can? Do you believe that raising your children is a job for the government? Feeding them? Teaching them a difference between right and wrong?

Or maybe you think you should work for nothing and the government should provide you with the basic apartment, meals and health care?

The government and the people in charge of it certainly think they own you. They certainly make policy from the belief that they own you, your labor, your income and your very life. The politicians and the bureaucrats have very good reason to think we, the people, are too stupid to live our own lives: we let them stay in power.

The time has come, my fellow citizens, to stop allowing them to assume this power. The time has come where we must begin to deny them owership of us, our lives, our income and our minds. Join with me and throwing off the shackles of their repression, throw off the chains and the yokes that we have voluntarily given them the reigns to hold. It is time to declare our personal independence from government ownership.

We must become a United Citizens Nation, where we own our lives each and every one of us, where we teach our children how to own their lives as well. We must throw off their bonds and never allow them to be re-established again.

The time has come, let the fight begin!

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