Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Welcome Comrades!

At this particular point in human history and especially the history of the United States you might be aware of the dangers that await to befall us. This government has started down the road of destroying the very foundations of this country and could take down the entire world with it.

Surely you will say, the United Citizens Nation should support the fall that is certainly coming because of these horrendously evil policies? Doesn't the UCN support and call for the destruction of the state itself?

The United Citizens Nation does not want to see a nation of more of 300 million plunged into abject poverty and a monolithic authoritarian state to rule it as if it were some third world backwater. We believe in the fall of the state and the rise of the people, this course is going in the extreme opposite direction.

This government has started on a road that will probably triple or quadruple the national debt in ten years. In a decade, if this happens, this country will hardly be able to pay the interest on that debt. It will almost guarantee three generations or more of state slavery. This is the most evil part of this plan, and we believe it is a plan for this could hardly be an accident or just a series of really bad idea.

The United Citizens Nation supports neither political party and does not support the formation or continuation of any type of government. Government is a tyranny by its very nature and the UCN stands for not having any government at all. We believe that citizens can organize themselves better than any government can and by pursuing their own lives and their own self-interest will benefit the society as a whole.

So please consider joining us and becoming a part of the United Citizens Nation!

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