Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What is a United Citizens Nation?

A United Citizens Nation is a country where no-one has a claim on another man, his time, his blood or his sweat. A country where property rights are inviolate. A country where the signed contract is the basis of all business and is honored.

How many of our present problems would be solved through the establishing of a UCN?

There would be no tax burden on the people or on the economy, for make no mistake taxes also tax the economy. There would be no government deficits or debts, for whatever minimalist agencies we create through voluntary agreements will be paid for by the users and stakeholders.

There would be no worry that government might take over banks, auto companies, insurance companies and put the masses trillions into debt. Not that any sane person thinks that would ever happen, right?

A United Citizens Nation would have parents who control and direct the education of their children, without worries that agents of an uncaring bureaucracy would teach them lies and perversion. A country where each person would choose their own health care coverage without mandates forcing them to pay enormous sums for coverages they do not need or want. From insurance companies, hospital groups and other competing providers.

In short, a UCN is a country where one person cannot use agencies of government to his own ends and to punish or coerce others to do what he wants. A country without the tyranny and the conditions of state slavery where half of your money is stolen to support those without work ethic. No politicians living high on the hog, with chauffeurs, private jets at your expense and the power to force you to do their bidding.

Yes, a United Citizens Nation will have a "police" force. It will have a police force that works for those paying the bills, you. It is the same with fire departments and libraries and parks. As long as people are willing to give their money for the services voluntarily, the services will be there.

It is high time to end government as we know it and replace it with a real system for a free people.

The United Citizens Nation is a dream that can only come true if those who wish to be free will simply step up and be counted.

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