Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Plan for Re-Taking the Republican Party

George Soros took over the Democrat Party through his activities. It took years and hundreds of millions of dollars but through his many leftist organizations, especially the Center for American Progress, MoveOn, MediaMatters etc etc, he did it.

Neutralizing the Republican Party was much easier.

Open primaries and willing liberal Republicans were all that he really needed. The establishment of the GOP was more than willing to help. As a matter of fact John McCain was the candidate Soros wanted to be nominated, McCain was willing to fulfill this role. Did you know that John McCain spoke at the Soros-sponsored shadow convention in Philadelphia?

The Republican Party today is two parties. There is the McCain faction that cannot wait to compromise and then surrender to the leftists... and then there is the average GOP voter who is shocked at what his own party is doing.

Conservatives have rightly grown not to trust their own party, if the Republican Party can be said to be theirs. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, though, and that is Sarah Palin. Let me explain.

It has become quite clear that conservatives must form a party-within-a-party if they are to wrest control of the GOP from the idiot faction. They need to form their own local councils, state assemblies, national council and hold their own conventions. They need to set up their own fundraising arms and online media outlets. These things need to be kept completely separate from the Republican Party itself.

The conservatives must recruit and fund their own candidates for every race on the ballot. They must run candidates against established RINO's after selecting their candidate through an internal pre-primary. Everything from state legislature to the Presidential primary must be done this way. No need to have multiple movement candidates splitting the vote running against a RINO in an open primary where ACORN voters can make the difference.

This conservative faction must be able to communicate with its membership online as well as set up its own media outlets. From press releases to online radio to online television will be an important part of keeping members engaged.

An online TV "channel" with multiple newscasts per day, opinion pundits and pro-conservative programming is a must. It could be set up sort of like the Christian Broadcasting Network has theirs set up. Note they have separated CBN News Channel and CBN-TV and also have a spanish-language channel.

I would expect there to be an online radio system, with feeds from different regions that focused on state and local politics, not just national. But its not just politics is it? It's the culture, its the family and everything else thats being countered by the far left. We must respond.

So which conservative has the support, the charisma and the "can do" attitude that could actually get this done? The only one out there working tirelessly to counter and even ridicule the left and those in power is Sarah Palin. She even makes other conservative "leaders" look lazy.

Of course it needs to be done no matter who leads it to getting done. It will not mean we have support them for President, we can still support them for conservatism.


  1. Re: "An online TV "channel" with multiple newscasts per day, opinion pundits and pro-conservative programming is a must. "

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